A Home

Montgomery Street Gardens is a shared office and rehearsal space near the Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn.

To Make and Work

The space consists of a window-lit office with desk space and a medium sized rehearsal studio with piano and marley floor for rehearsals as well as a small sound proof room for musicians and audio recording.


Members get weekly rehearsal slots in the rehearsal studio and 24/7 use of the the office for a monthly membership fee. Additional time in the studio is available on a first come, first serve basis.


Current Members:

Anonymous Ensemble
Intrinsic Grey
Current Harbor
Paper Tiger Television
Martha Shane
Matt Scanlon

Past Members:

Kyoung’s Pacific Beat
Extant Arts
Built for Collapse
Exploding Moment
Everywhere Theater Group
Hearsay and Hyperbole
Civic Ensemble
I Love Food
Jake Hooker
Peter Mills-Weiss
Lindsay Hockaday
Eva von Schweinitz
Brian McCarthy
Tina Satter
Godfrey Simmons
Sam Fleischner
Sascha Stanton-Craven
Claire Moodey
Bridget Palardy
VV Ventures
Hillary Adams
Odyssey Productions
Super Hero Clubhouse
Meghan Finn
Elizabeth English
Rima Fand
Alex Horwitz
Chantel Bell
Brett Beyer
Alix Fenhagen
Rachel Karpf
Esther Neff
Raky Sastri
Chris Kaminstein
Gil Sperling

Avant Gardens Resident Artists:

IV Castellanos (2018)
Miranda Haymond (2018)


Please email:

m a n a g e r (at) m o n t g o m e r y g a r d e n s (dot) o r g